• The Landlady

    Roal Dahl wrote a story,

    That he named the Landlady,

    Let me tell you what it's about,

    It all started at night.

    A young man named Billy Weaver,

    Had to meet the Branch Manager,

    He was searching fot the hotel Bell & Dragon,

    But found another cheaper one.

    He saw a little dog peacefully sleeping,

    As he was about to ring.

    The woman was like a jack-in-a-box,

    He pressed the bell and out she popped.

    After unpacking his suitcase,

    He went downstairs.

    And, what a surprise,

    To see in a book opened there,

    Two names of people he thought he had met before.

    When the little woman swung the door,

    Saying that they never left,

    The hotel where they rest,

    Stuffed from feet to chest,

    Like the parrot in his cage.

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