• Autumn

    Butterflies always,

    Butterflies every day,

    Leaves falling slowly down,

    Red cloud above the town.


    Paris is like under snow,

    Leaves everywhere on the road,

    We're submerged,

    It urge,

    A woman is drowning,

    In that orange sea,

    Don't you think,

    It's emergency ?


    Help ! Help !

    My dog disapeared !

    Help ! Help !

    Autumn gets to be feared.


    Spring summer winter,

    You don't really fear those seasons,

    But in autumn,

    You have a good reason :

    Babies drowning,

    Cars disapearing,

    Leaves in all the house,

    With rats and mice.


    You should fear autumn,

    That terrible season,

    When all the leaves fall,

    This is my opinion.


    Don't listen to all the poems,

    That say that autumn is beautiful,

    Trust me, say it to your friends,

    Autumn is fatal.

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    Dimanche 10 Mai 2009 à 23:31
    Merci =}
    Kamika Michiyo Profil de Kamika Michiyo
    Lundi 11 Mai 2009 à 16:33
    Merci =}
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